ABF Origins: Enjoy The Show

It was a hot Saturday morning, quite typical of an Austin Summer. We had decided to get the crew together to go float the river. The timing couldn’t be more perfect, since we just had a great upper body sesh the day before, with an emphasis on chest. Is there any other way?

We get down to the water and settle in with our tubes and cooler . The cool water felt absolutely amazing.  So there we are enjoying a few cold ones under the hot sun with some great beats. I go to reach for another beer when all of a sudden, without warning,  it hits…. It’s an involuntary muscle spasm. My pectoral muscle just started bouncing as if to the music. Instantly I laugh and shout out, “Enjoy the show!”.  This amazing spectacle went on for about a half minute. That was long enough to have everybody in the area admiring my gainz.