About Us


The Muscle gods have heard you call and they have smiled kindly upon your wishes. Crafted by the mighty Zeus himself, battle tested by Hercules, and brought down from the heavens by Hermes – your desire for better fitting clothing hath arrived in the form of ALWAYS BE FLEXING.


ABF was imagined by some badass powerlifters who enjoy smashing weights, rocking out as hard as possible day and night, and all things gainz-related. This band of brethren and bad-bitches do even lift. However, they also like to look nice.


Most clothes aren’t made to fit muscular frames. Once you choose to dedicate your life to the gods of iron and steel, your body undergoes miraculous changes: Broader shoulders, wider lats, tapered v-torso, and pants-splitting glutes and quads. The current state of the fashion industry provides two options: Clothes cut for the soft, or clothes cut for skinny chicks and dudes who obviously don’t even lift. As much as we would all like, you can’t live your life in sweat pants.


ABF is dedicated to bringing you premium-quality casual and gym wear that you can wear both in AND outside of the gym, specifically designed to fit the body you’ve spend countless hours of hard work building. You don’t want to wear a shirt that looks like a circus tent. Our tops incorporate more room across the shoulders and added length, while the sleeves show off your amazing arms, allowing you the perfect torso-environment to flex in perpetuity. Bottom line: You’re going to feel comfortable, powerful, and look damn good!

We encourage you to keep growing, enjoy the show, and let us know how we can help!