I Will NOT Accept Mediocrity

Every individual has a self-motivating phrase, slogan, mantra, or war-cry.  It’s one thing to find a cute little phrase and post it to your Pinterest board.  It is another thing to actually understand it and apply it.

Through fortunate life lessons, I’ve been hit hard.  I’ve seen average.  I’ve felt below average.  I made a promise to never accept mediocrity again. Mediocrity is a state of moderate performance.  By refusing to accept mediocrity, it means that I promised to progress myself without comparison to any other individual, their salary, their job, their lifestyle, etc. Rather, I set out to constantly exceed the average daily expectations for ME.

A mentor of mine once said, “You can only reach the level that you desire once you stop being in awe of other people that you think are already there.”  This translates to: Work on and worry about improving yourself and stop trying to compare yourself to others.  I received, learned, and applied this lesson immediately.  How does this transfer to not accepting mediocrity?  Here is what I know: You can beat the shit out of your body by training hard and often.  You can restrict certain foods and starve those muscles.  You can spend countless hours with your nose to the grindstone trying to outwork “society” and sacrifice sleep.  However, in each of those you find mediocrity.  You train too intensely and too often, and it will lead to mediocre gains, because your body is in a constant state of inflammation and stress.  You won’t take in enough nutrition for your vital organs, much less, high performance activities.  Your body is functioning average at best.  You never get enough sleep, so you don’t recover optimally.

What isn’t mediocrity?  Taking care of yourself.  Training smart. Eating smart. Resting smart.  That’s the only way to grow and not be average in today’s society.  Don’t jump into the fad of the week, month, year or even the decade. Outside of the gym-life, mediocrity still exists. Be better than average by taking care of yourself and progressing daily in every part of your life.