Megan Miller @ AFM Fittest Games


Last year (2014) was the first time I participated in Austin’s Fittest and was completely blown away by the positive environment and motivational people it brings together for one outstanding fitness event! I’ll start out by mentioning that this competition is something I studied, prepared, and trained for starting back in January 2015. Because of my performance last year, I had a good idea what to expect and how to train to get the best results possible. Austin’s Fittest is a fitness competition to find the top 10 fittest people in Austin, Texas. Last year I place 4th and this year I was training for the 1st place spot and title of Austin’s fittest woman!


I did my homework by scooping out the competition and setting personal goals for myself.  Looking over my results from last year, I knew I had some work cut out for myself. I noticed that the one thing I lacked over last years winner was speed, so I spent hours on speed and agility this year. The most challenging events last year were the pull-ups and one mile run.  I refocused this years training program to work smarter AND harder! I prepared myself to train with purpose rather than just working out to burn calories. I considered all of the following categories when making my training program: endurance training, muscle and strength building, speed and agility, nutrition and stretching.


To say the least, my training regime allowed my body to train much more efficiently. This year I felt solid and mentally prepared from the beginning of the day to the last quarter mile. As far as improvements goes, my personal performance went from great to outstanding. Here are few comparisons from last year to this years results:


40 Yard Dash:            (2014) 6.5sec.         (2015) 5.8sec.

Pro Agility Shuffle:  (2014) 5sec.             (2015) 4.66sec.

Pull-Ups:                       (2014) 7 reps.          (2015) 14 reps. (Biggest Improvement – 100% Increase)

One Mile Run:            (2014) 9min 9sec.   (2015) 7min 40sec. (1min 69sec Personal Record!)


I am very proud and impressed with myself and with the numbers I pulled off this year! Within a year, my endurance, speed, power, and strength went up!

- Megan Miller