Champion Profile: Megan Miller


Megan Miller is a rising star in the fitness industry. This young, ambitious woman began her career in fitness in 2008 while living in Denver, CO. Since, she has been named trainer of the month by, competed on Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Ranch, and moved to Austin, Tx where she caught our attention at the True Athlete Games in March 2015 when she took first place amongst a group of stacked competitors at the Game’s inaugural event.

We love Megan because of her drive to always better herself and to help people discover the the best version of themselves and her passion of empowering people to achieve all that they thought was impossible. She is setting out to achieve greatness by competing in the upcoming AFM FITTEST GAMES at Camp Mabry, TX in June 2015 and then she’ll be heading back to the Rocky Mountains for the Fitness On The Rocks show in Denver, CO.

Megan took time to sit down and chat with us about how she got started and what keeps her motivated. We hope you’ll enjoy getting to know her as much as we did…

Name: Megan Miller

Age: 28


Fitness Specialty: Maximize performance, minimize injury! (Performance Enhancement)

Occupation: Director of The Frost Tower Executive Health Club in Austin, Texas and Certified Personal Trainer

What is your personal mission as a fitness expert: I am personally driven by figuring out how to help my clients and myself maximize performance, minimize injury! I pride myself on being a total badass, yet still looking very feminine. As a personal trainer I find gratitude in challenging myself to the truest forms of competition. Olympic weightlifting, high intensity interval training and performance enhancement is my forte. I stay in shape so I don’t have to get in shape! I am determined and resilient, and that is a lethal combination.

Tell us about your background. You know, the story about how you became who you are today: My journey to the fitness industry started in 2008, when I learned the benefits of nutrition and exercise which led me to continue to educate myself with certifications, seminars, training, etc. I learned to teach group classes such as; strength conditioning, HIIT (high intensity, interval training), and boot camps. Now, I am a certified personal trainer in Austin, Texas with a client base of 20/week with a 65% retention rate.

My profession allows me train on a daily bases and no workout is the same! I prefer Olympic lifts, complex training, and athletic sport training over bodybuilding. I am always on the hunt for my next big challenge, whether that’s another appearance on national television, hitting my next personal record in the gym, or a local mud run obstacle course.

A well-built physique is a symbol of health. It shows dedication, discipline, self-respect, patience, and passion! I am in the best shape of my life and nothing is stopping me from getting bigger, better, and stronger every day of my life!

What do you want to accomplish on this path: Because of my health and fitness background, my goals are limitless. With hard work, determination, and a go-getter attitude my personal goals can be heard, cherished, and executed producing lifetime results. I am ready to build a Megan Miller brand!

What are three things that you love to do outside of the gym:

  1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my family, I’m a huge fan family. I truly believe I have the best of both worlds, daddy’s little athlete and mama’s finesse! #BestOfBothWorlds #HeartOfGold
  2. There’s a special and fairly large space in my heart set aside for animals! Compassion for animals is connected with goodness of character. My heart has been driving me into a direction of helping cruelty to animals. If there’s one thing to listen to, to make the best of your life it’s your heart. #AnimalConservation
  3. Quality of Life! Anything I can do to increase the quality of living is the path I am willing to take on!

Your competitive spirit: where do you compete, why?
When I compete with myself I become a better athlete!  I’m confident in my athletic abilities, loyal to my fans and clients, and a competitor at heart. I believe the dedication I offer matches up with the beautiful, athletic, and charismatic women of the Health and Fitness Industry!

Upcoming events I will take part in are:

1. Austin’s Fittest Competition, last year I placed 4th fittest person in Austin, this year I plan on taking taking home 1st place! (5-30-15)

2. True Athlete Games: The Standard of Fitness Competitions (6-27-15)

3. Fitness On the Rocks, Denver, CO (7-18-15)

What’s your nutrition regime?
I eat 5 small meals per day where each meal around the same amount of calories and three hours apart from each other. My goals are to maximize protein and fiber while minimizing sugars, fats, and carbs. I do take daily vitamins & supplements, too. When it comes time to “chea”, I go for sweets! Recently it’s been Dove dark chocolate and caramel drizzle ice cream bars!

What’s accomplishment are you most proud of and why?
My appearance of the reality TV series Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Challenge! Watch the episode here and you’ll see why.

Why do you love Always Be Flexing?
I love Always Be Flexing because our beliefs match up! Training for any event such as a fitness competition or just life, stopping or quitting is not an option. I ONLY train for progress and growth. I do not accept mediocrity out of myself, we must all learn to train smarter not harder. When you hit performance goals, your appearance will fall right into place!

What is the one thing you want to make sure the world to knows about you?
I believe it’s important to showcase all of who you are, the world must know I am an English Bulldog lover! That special spot in my heart for animals has it’s own bulldog corner, smile’s are limitless when the best company around is short, round, stinky, and completely in love with you!

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